NJ Online Slots - Free Spins At Best Online Casino Slots NJ

NJ Online Slots - Free Spins At Best Online Casino Slots NJ

Online slots in NJ are one of the most popular casino games that people can play. Thanks to online casinos being legalized in New Jersey, as long as you're in state lines, you can play for real money!

You can win cash through online slots by playing real money slots at NJ online casinos.

How Do NJ Online Slots Work?

In order to have a real chance of winning money by playing online slots, you need to know how they work.

The online slot is powered through a random number generator (RNG) in which the computer generates a random sequence of numbers. Every time you spin, this sequence will change. The RNG determines the outcome of the spin in order to ensure fair play.

The paylines are the different combinations that the symbols can line up on the reels in order to win. The traditional payline is a single payline in which three matching symbols land together.

However, thanks to improved technology, it's not uncommon to see 20-50 paylines for an online slot. This gives players more chances to win real money! Some casinos have taken it even further and offer up to 1024 different ways to win!

In order to win, you'll need to meet one of the winning paylines. This usually means matching the symbols in a specific way from left to right. However, there are symbols like the Wild and Scatter which give you more ways to win.

The Wild is a symbol that can replace any other symbol on the reel, except for the Scatter. The Scatter pays out free spins, but you usually need to land three Scatters before this becomes a possibility.

For online slots, once you match a certain number of Scatter symbols, you gain access to the bonus rounds. Here, you can win additional credits and most bonus rounds offer some type of jackpot which you can win if the paylines match up in your favor.

Can You Win Real Money Playing NJ Online Slots?

Yes, it is entirely possible to win real money while playing online slots in New Jersey. You just need to be within the state lines when playing.

NJ Slot Casinos

Here are some of the best NJ online casinos for online slots:

NJ Online Slot Free Play

NJ online slot free play is really just another way of saying "no deposit bonuses". No deposit bonuses are given to new players who sign up so that they can enjoy slots and other online casino games without having to deposit any money.

There are advantages to using a no deposit bonus:

  • It's Free: All you need to do is sign up and you'll earn your online casino's no deposit bonus.
  • VIP Points: For most online casinos, you can accumulate VIP points through your no deposit bonus. These points go towards building up your player status.
  • Practice: No deposit bonuses are a great way for new players to practice their favorite games risk-free! Because you're not risking your own money, you can try out new strategies on high-stakes games like blackjack and craps.
  • Learn What You Like: You can also use your no deposit bonus to find out what you like and what you don't like at the online casino. This ensures that you don't waste money on games that you don't like.

NJ Online Slots Free Spins

There are two different ways to get free spins at online casinos. The first could come as a welcome bonus, such as the free spins you may find at Hard Rock Casino.

The other form of free spins comes as an in-game reward. For example, if you match a certain number of Scatter symbols, you can unlock the bonus game where you can spin for free.

You can get 50 free spins at Hard Rock Casino, and for a limited time, 200 free spins at Golden Nugget Casino! Get these special welcome bonuses now!

You can also click on this link and then type in the code "BIGSPIN" to get 100 FREE spins at Resorts Online Casino.

NJ Online Slots Promotions

NJ online slots offer various promotions throughout the year. There are times when an online casino will offer free spins or more VIP points on specific slot machines.

Some casinos also tie VIP rewards to NJ slots. These VIP programs allow players to earn rewards like cashback percentages, birthday bonuses, and other promos.

Best NJ Online Slots

There are a number of NJ online slots available to play today. Some of the most popular NJ online slots are Wheel of Fortune, Divine Fortune (one of the most played progressive slots), Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (based on the film), Starburst, and Jumanji.

Wheel of Fortune

There are many variations of the Wheel of Fortune slot, but the most popular is Wheel of Fortune: On Tour.

Wheel of Fortune: On Tour slots has five reels with three rows each and 30 paylines.

In order to win, players must match three left-to-right on a payline. The Wheel of Fortune symbol acts as the wild space and if you match five-in-a-row, you can receive 2,500x your line bet.

The Wheelmobile Wilds is also another fun feature that the game offers. It can be triggered on any spin where there is not a bonus space on the first reel. When the Wheelmobile Wilds activates, the Wheelmobile crosses the screen and randomly turns four symbols across all the reels into Wilds.

Thanks to the Level Up Plus System, you can unlock additional features the longer you play. Wheelmobile bonus symbols can appear on the first, third, and fifth reel. Any bonus symbols that do not trigger a bonus round help fuel the tank. It takes ten bonus symbols to completely fill a tank.

Once all three bonus spaces are filled with a symbol, the game transitions to a map where any stored fuel tanks are used to move the Wheelmobile along the map and increase the player's level. The higher level, the more features that are added and the more credits you can win.

Divine Fortune

Made by NetEnt, Divine Fortune is a five-reel, three-row, and 20-payline online slot with a Greek mythology theme. The minimum bet per spin is 20 cents and the maximum bet is $100.

Divine Fortune online slot is full of bonus features that allow players to win more credits, such as the Pegasus Wild symbol, Free Spins symbol, and Jackpot Bonus symbol.

The Falling Wilds Respin feature is activated when a Wild symbol appears. After a Wild symbol appears on the reel, each Wild symbol shifts down one position and a respin is awarded free-of-charge.

The Wild on Wild feature appears when an overlay Wild lands on top of an already-existing Wild. This turns the entire reel into Wild Symbols, allowing for multiple winning combinations. However, this will also trigger the Falling Wilds respin.

The Free Spins bonus game is activated when three or more free spins symbols appear simultaneously anywhere in the reels. Depending on if three, four, or five free spins symbols land, you will receive a minimum of five, eight, and twelve free spins respectively.

The Jackpot Bonus game is activated when three or more gold coin jackpot bonus symbols land on the reels simultaneously. The jackpot game is then played on 15 reels and you start with three free spins.

The number resets to three each time a jackpot bonus symbol lands on the reel. This continues until either your spins are exhausted or you win one of three jackpots: the minor, major, or mega jackpot.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Based on the hit film starring Will Ferrell, this video slot has a five-reel layout with 25 initial paylines, with more paylines available when players enter a bonus round. Iconic characters like Ron, Brick, Brian, and Champ are featured in this video slot.

Bets range between 75 cents and $150. If you're happy with the bet amount, you can set the game on autoplay and choose your spin number. Anchorman also offers a wide variety of special features:

  • Big Bonus: You can potentially win paylines that are 14X your original bet along with movie clips to keep the gameplay fresh.
  • Ron's Giant Free Games: Players are given six free spins and the game expands to feature 19 rows and 117 paylines.
  • Whammy!: Players are awarded six free spins. Players will then see a 12-step ladder. At each rung of the ladder, you can receive awards from Whammy! symbols. If you manage to reach the top, a Whammy! symbol can provide as much as 13.33X your original stake.
  • Sex Panther Pick: When the Sex Panther Pick is activated, a display is activated on the screen, asking players to pick three bottles from 15. The three bottles accumulate to a total cash prize. Afterward, players choose from five more packets to receive a multiplier that ranges from 2-10 that is applied to winnings.
  • Brick's Weather Wheels: Brick's special feature allows players to spin a wheel that grants a prize ranging between 75-1,000 times the stake. If you level up, you can spin the wheel again with prizes this time going up to 2,000 times the stake. Finally, if you level up one more time, you can spin again and win a multiplier that is applied to each wheel spin.


Starburst is a space-themed online slot with 5 reels, 10 adjustable paylines, and 3 rows for winning combinations. You also have the option in this game to turn on autoplay for anywhere from 10-1,000 times.

The maximum payout for the Starburst slot game is 50,000 coins. As for symbols, the lowest paying icons are the Orange gemstone, sapphire, and amethyst while the highest-paying symbols include the Starburst Gold Bar, Red Cosmic 7, and the Yellow Diamond.


Based on the board game and hit film starring Robin Williams, Jumanji is an online five-reel slot with an unorthodox design. The outer two reels have 3 rows. The middle two reels have 4 rows, and the central reel has 5 rows.

There are 36 paylines in total across the reels. Lower-value payouts are represented by cards like J, Q, K, and A. Higher-value payouts are represented by animals from the movie, such as the Pelican, Crocodile, and Rhino. The Lion is the top reward, with a value of 140x the original stake.

There are four in-game features within the Jumanji slot game that can be randomly triggered at all times:

  • Sticky Vines: Sticky vines appear from behind the reels after a winning spin, holding the symbols that made the win along with any wild symbols in place. The remaining reel positions spin for free and if you land another win, the process is repeated.
  • Monsoon Wild: If the Monsoon Wild is activated, a crocodile will crawl across one or two reels, turning all the symbols into wilds while the remaining reels spin.
  • Monkey Mayhem: Monkeys will show up on the slot, grabbing symbols and rearranging them at random. Fortunately, these troublesome monkeys will rearrange the symbols into a winning combination for you.
  • Rhinos in the Wild Stampede: Rhinos stomp across the reels, turning anywhere from four to nine random symbols into extra wilds as the reel spins.

NJ Online Slots PayPal

There are some NJ online casinos that accept PayPal. You can play NJ online slots using PayPal with the following online casinos:

Monopoly Slot

Types of Online Casino Slots NJ

  • Video Slots: For Video Slots, all gameplay happens on some type of screen, whether it's in-person or online.
  • Mobile Slots: Mobile slots occur entirely on digital devices like your phone or tablet. You'll have access to all the same gameplay as on a regular slot.
  • 3D Animated: 3D Animated slots come with animated objects, strong visuals, and a clean interface. The ability to use 3D graphics allows the gameplay to be more engaging with some online slots adding storylines to the game.
  • Skill-Based: Skill-based slots are slots where some aspects of winning are based on the ability of the player rather than chance. While there is still a chance factor in the gameplay, skill-based bonus rounds will allow you to increase the overall profit.
  • Progressive Slots: Progressive slots have jackpots that increase in value each time you bet. When someone finally wins the jackpot, the amount resets and starts accumulating again. This cycle continues until the player finishes playing. The amount by which the jackpot increases is based on a tiny percentage of each bet on the machine.
  • 3-Reel Slots: The 3-reel slot is the simplest slot type. There are three columns in which symbols are spun. This type of slot is faster since there are fewer paylines and minimal features. In most 3-reel slots with only one payline, you can hit a cash prize just by hitting one symbol on the available payline.
  • 5-Reel Slots: 5-reel slots have two additional reels compared to the 3-reel slot. This allows more possible paylines 5-reel slots also tend to vary with different symbols, in-game features, and payouts.
  • 6-Reel: True to their name, 6-reel slots are made up of six reels and are a deviation from standard betting norms. While there aren't many 6-reel slots compared to the traditional 5-reel and 3-reel slots, 6-reel slots offer more paylines, payouts, and in-game features. This is a common trend as the more reels there are, the more developers can do.
  • 7-Reel: Again true to their name, 7-reel slots are made up of 7 reels. These slots represent a micro-niche in the online casino industry. The gameplay is the same as the other reels but due to how complex seven reels can become, most will just offer a few paylines.

NJ Slot Jackpots

Winning the jackpot is the dream for all players, but there are different types of jackpots:

  • Fixed Jackpots: Fixed jackpots are the standard prize that most online casinos like to go with. Fixed jackpots pay out a certain amount each time the jackpot is won.
  • Progressive Jackpots: For progressive jackpots, the pot accumulates upwards to sometimes six to seven figures until it's won and cashed out. For every bet made, a small percentage of every bet is added to the grand prize until it is won. Once someone wins the jackpot, the amount resets and the process starts over again.

There are also different types of progressive jackpots:

  • Standalone Progressive Jackpot: Standalone jackpots are subject to only one machine. These jackpot prizes tend to be smaller, but the probability of winning is much higher.
  • In-House/Proprietary Jackpot: In-house or proprietary jackpots link together the machines in one casino so the amount can be won from a number of machines within the location.
  • Wide Area Progressive Jackpot: Wide area jackpots cover a network of real and online casinos across the world, meaning the jackpot can potentially be won in multiple locations. These jackpots tend to be the largest due to the networking of several casinos. It's not uncommon to see a wide area jackpot reach the millions in prize money. 

There are normally four different progressive jackpot tiers in slot machines: mini, minor, major, and grand. Mini pays out the least amount, while the grand jackpot can pay the maximum amount possible.

What Are The Chances Of Winning At NJ Slots?

A good indicator of your chance to win real money at online slots is RTP or return-to-player percentage. RTP is the percentage of all wagered money an online slot will pay back over time. For example, if a machine has an RTP of 85% and you make $200 in bets over time, you can expect to get about $170 back in winnings.

NJ Slots Return To Player Percentage

As mentioned, return-to-player percentages (RTP) signify what a player may expect in return when playing an NJ online slot. For instance, if a slot machine's RTP is 97%, that means you should expect to lose three dollars for every $100 wagered. Of course, you can hit a huge jackpot which will put you way ahead of the RTP percentage. This is why many do play slots because the payoff can be massive, plus you get the extra incentive of having some fun! Find out more about how to get the best casino payouts possible.

Here are some of the best NJ online slots based on return-to-player percentage:

Jack Hammer 2: 97.10 percent RTP

Jack Hammer 2 is a crime-based online slot with 99 different paylines and an RTP percentage of 97.10%. This means that for every $100 bet over the long term, you can expect approximately $97.10 to be paid out in winnings.

Jack Hammer 2 has a Sticky Wins feature. The reels with the winning symbols stick in place while the other reels spin to give players a chance at bigger winnings. When five or more free spins symbols appear anywhere on the reels, the game will enter free spins mode where five, six, or seven free spins symbols on the reels equate to 10, 13, and 16 free spins respectively.

If there are eight or more free spins symbols on the reels, the free spin count is bumped up to 20 free spins. There are also ten betting levels with coin values from 0.01 to .50. There is a minimum of .50 bet per spin and a maximum of $250 per spin. The maximum amount of coins you can win at once is 990,000.

Steam Tower: 97.04 percent RTP

Steam Tower is a Victorian-era themed mobile online slot with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 15 paylines. Steam Tower has an RTP percentage of 97.04% so for every $100 bet in the long term, approximately $97.04 will be paid back as winnings.

The game has a storyline associated with it. To win, you must climb a 16-foot steam tower to rescue a princess from her prison. This slot has traditional features like Wilds, Stacked Wilds, and Free Spins.

The maximum betting amount is 150 with a coin value of 1. The minimum bet is 15 cents with a coin value of 1 cent. In Steam Tower, you can win up to 300,000 coins.

Blood Suckers II: 96.94 percent RTP

Blood Suckers II is a vampire-themed slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines. Blood Suckers II has an RTP percentage of 96.94% so for every $100 bet in the long run, approximately $97.04 will be paid back as winnings.

Bonus features in the game include Scatters, Wilds, free spins, and a bonus game. When three bonus symbols fall in place, you enter the bonus game where you head into a chamber and click on different coffins.

In the coffins, you can get scatters that give you free spins, keys to move on to the next level, cash, or a demon that will end the bonus game. The minimum bet is 0.25 and the maximum bet is $250. In Blood Suckers II, you can win up to 10,000 coins.

NJ Slot Wins 2020

In 2020 alone, we've seen some pretty big payouts from New Jersey slots:

  • Sugarhouse Online Casino Winner Netty: Netty, a 53-year old mother of three from New Jersey netted a whopping $278,802.58 while betting only $2 per spin on the slot Divine Fortune. Way to go, Netty!
  • Hard Rock Casino Winner Gary: Gary also managed to garner some big winnings playing Divine Fortune. With a $5 bet, Gary won $230,552.71, the largest jackpot ever won at the Hard Rock Casino!
  • Hard Rock Casino Winner Michael M.: Only a few weeks before Gary, another customer named Michael raked in a total of $226,170 while playing Lock it Link Nightlife in late March. Lock it Link Nightlife was also a success for another player named Tricia who won $125,575 while playing in late February!

Online Casino Slots NJ Frequently Asked Questions

Is Playing Slots At An Online Casino Legal In NJ?

Yes, playing slots at an online casino in New Jersey is legal, but it is heavily monitored. The online casino must have a license from the state gambling commission, you must be over the age of 21 years old, and you must be within NJ state lines to play slots.

Can I Play NJ Slots Online?

Yes, you can play on almost any online NJ casino or gambling app as long as you are within state lines. Most New Jersey casinos will ask for your location to make sure you are actually within New Jersey.

Can I Win Real Money Playing Online Slots In New Jersey?

Yes, you can win real money playing online slots in New Jersey. All you need to do is sign up to a reputable casino located within NJ, deposit money into your account if you don't have a no deposit bonus, and start playing!

Which Online Slot Machines Pay The Best?

The online slots machines with some of the best RTP and payouts are:

  • Jack Hammer 2: 97.10% RTP
  • Steam Tower: 97.04% RTP
  • Blood Suckers II: 96.94% RTP

How Do I Get Free Money To Play Slots Online In NJ?

You can get free money to play slots online in NJ by signing up and receiving the casino's no deposit bonus offer. Most online casinos have some type of promotion where if you sign up with them, they'll give you a no deposit bonus which you can use to play the casino's games

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